Dating back by many years, before bridges and motor boats were used, houseboats and rice boats were used to transport goods from one coastal village to another. Paradise Lagoon brings to its occupants a piece from Kemmannu’s colorful history, in the form of its idyllic Houseboat A cruise on the Paradise Lagoon House boats offers spectacular Views of the swaying palms, glimpses of the Arabian Sea and beaches at certain points and fascinating visuals of the idyllic village life.

It’s a home to numerous migratory birds on the sand reefs as well as shellfish. Habitats in the Shallow waters near Thimman kudru. The vernacular culture and traditions will also leave a traveler spell bound.

The house boat is approximately 67 feet in length and has a width of around 13 feet in the middle. The house boat include a spacious sun deck and 2 AC Bedrooms. The boat is made up of natural, eco-friendly materials like bamboo poles, coir, coconut fiber, ropes and bamboo mats.

Note: The Houseboat facilities can be utilized only by customers who are staying overnight at the Paradise Lagoon.


The dining facilities at Paradise Lagoon boast of traditional South Indian Coastal cuisine, with seafood being the signature order more often than not. There are two restaurants: River Side and Bay Side. River Side is situated by the backwaters, that provide a splendid view of the endless blue waters, while relishing the renowned delicacies of Mangalore. The place carries a traditional decor of tiled roofs and wooden flooring to complement the local cuisine. Bay Side is a restaurant cum conference hall, that can easily accommodate around 75 people. The sinful combination of fresh seafood tossed in authentic local flavors, and the breathtaking delta point, is bound to fill you with satisfaction.

Paddle Boating

The clean, deep and clear waters  complemented with a picturesque landscape make Karnataka’s backwaters an ideal location for paddle boating. To glide along with the waters, while spotting glimpses of the life beneath, against the setting sun, is an ideal way to spend an evening at Paradise Lagoon. Also, our paddle boat services are complimentary for the customers who are staying at the Paradise Lagoon.


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Infinity Pool

The infinity pool is a paradise of respite, overlooking the gorgeous backwaters of Karnataka. To soak away your cares, while having a full fledged view of the backwaters, its teeming life and the swaying trees skirting it, is visually, an extravagant treat and mentally, soothing.

Fishing Deck

Paradise Lagoon is known for its recreational fishing, with the fishermen indulging in commercial fishing in the nearby areas. The scenic beauty of Paradise Lagoon combined with blue waters and clear skies, makes fishing here, an incredibly attractive hobby.


To be one with nature, and exercise your adventurous streak, you can take up surfing classes that are conducted less than 2 km away from Paradise Lagoon. For more information or in case of any queries, you can contact the front office at Paradise Lagoon.

Other Services

In addition to the above facilities, the place carries a host of recreational activities such as Outdoor Games, Fishing, Water Sports, a pool table, Table Tennis, Carom, a mini library and a children’s play area. The dining at Paradise Lagoon is quite an experience with its Open-air and Indoor restaurant, providing customers with the luxury of dining, by the backwaters or overlooking the vast expanse of pristine waters all around, making Paradise Lagoon the ideal destination for a much-needed getaway.